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The Leader in Omni-Channel Customer Analytics

ListenLogic (an Anexinet company) is an Advanced Customer Analytics firm specializing in data modeling, predictive analytics and real-time risk sensing across multiple vertical industries. Our Omni-Channel Customer Analytics & Insight solutions deliver corporations real-time market and operational intelligence by text mining all forms of unstructured data from call center voice recordings, social media, open-end surveys, and internal documents and integrating with CRM structured data for predicting business outcomes and improving business performance. Our Enterprise Risk Sensing detects reputational and operational risks that emerge from external and internal unstructured data sensing. Our Pharmaceutical & Health division, ListenLogic Health, specializes in providing brand and market intelligence to life science companies.

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What We Do Better Than Anyone:

  • Unstructured & Structured Data Analytics: ListenLogic aggregates and transforms internal and external social media, call center notes, email, chat, text and open-end surveys to deliver actionable insights to Brand, Marketing, Care, Market Research and Analytics teams, and real-time risk sensing to Corporate Communication, Executive, Legal and Security teams. Solutions can be end-to-end or on-prem.
  • Integration with Structured Data: ListenLogic solutions integrate unstructured data with structured data to solve of variety of descriptive and predictive analytical problems such as improving customer attrition, increasing revenue and sensing reputation risk.
  • Data Modeling: ListenLogic collects, filters, and categorizes unstructured data granularly with machine learning modeling methods to understand the topics, emerging trends and strategic risks within customer experience, brand health and operational intelligence.
  • Customized Solutions: ListenLogic designs custom solutions specifically to meet the needs of your business. We provide actionable insights into your markets, products, brands, consumers, influencers and competitors as an end-to-end or on-prem solution.
  • Professional Services: ListenLogic has dedicated subject matter experts and analysts who specialize in pharmaceuticals, insurance, financial services, consumer goods, food, communications and technology sectors and provide expert support in the planning, execution and analysis of unstructured and structured data integration.

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Our Technology:

ListenLogic leverages proprietary and open-source unstructured data modeling platforms to classify and analyze contact center voice recordings, email, chat, text, along with social media tweets, blogs and posts and integrate with structured data for predicting business outcomes and improving business performance. We answer questions like:

  • How does customer experience affect business outcomes like customer attrition and cross-sell?
  • Why are we losing market share?
  • What are emerging threats to our business?
  • What are our customers’ decision drivers along the path-to-purchase?

ListenLogic technology connects to any source of unstructured data. Customize the way data is classified using our pre-built, industry-specific classification models.

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