Advanced Social Analytics & Insight Discovery

ListenLogic is a pioneer of advanced social insight discovery, utilizing next-generation streaming big data technology to deliver actionable, real-time intelligence to the world’s largest enterprises.

ListenLogic Advanced Social Analytics delivers deep insight into consumer attitudes and needs by analyzing unstructured data from social media, open-end surveys and text documents. Our Risk & Reputation Monitoring detects reputational and operational risks that emerge from social media and internal data. Our Pharma & Health division, ListenLogic Health, specializes in providing brand and market intelligence to life science companies.

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Our Solutions:

Insight Discovery & Analytics

Insight discovery into markets, products, consumers and competitors to drive business strategy and fuel business insight. Learn more >>

Risk & Reputation Intelligence

Advanced, real-time monitoring of social media and internal unstructured data to identify and alert emerging risks to organizations. Learn more >>

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Solutions

ListenLogic Health, our healthcare division, provides social intelligence solutions to pharmaceutical, health and wellness companies. Learn more >>

What We Do Better Than Anyone:

  • “Streaming Big Data” Processing & Classification: ListenLogic is powered by AKUDA LABS platform, a streaming big data engine that collects, filters, and categorizes unstructured social media and internal data faster and more granularly than any other system at 1 billion streaming classification operations per second, allowing your brand to gain prescriptive insight.
  • Advanced Discovery: ListenLogic leverages multidimensional modeling technology with an advanced discovery engine in place of traditional keyword tools to detect and identify intelligence.
  • Customized Solutions: ListenLogic designs custom solutions specifically to meet the needs of your business. We provide actionable insights into your markets, products, brands, consumers, influencers and competitors.
  • Cross-Enterprise Configuration: ListenLogic delivers real-time, actionable insights to Risk, Legal, Corporate Communication, Security, Insights, Product, Marketing and Brand teams.
  • Professional Services: ListenLogic features one of the world’s most advanced Social Business Intelligence Command Centers with dedicated Analysts and SMEs providing your organization with expert support in the planning, execution and analysis of advanced social intelligence strategies to protect and grow your business.

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Our Science:

Born out of Stanford University research, our Advanced Technology Lab features a team that has developed supercomputing data processing solutions for public and private organizations like DARPA, the NSA, NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, IBM, Intel, Silicon Graphics and Sun Microsystems. Our solutions deliver actionable insights answering the questions businesses need to understand, like:

  • “How does customer experience affect business outcomes?”
  • “Why are we losing market share?”
  • “What are growing threats to the business?”
  • “What are consumers’ decision drivers along the path-to-purchase?”

ListenLogic technology features the world’s most advanced streaming big data platform to deliver insightful answers to complex questions that are:


ListenLogic technology processes over one billion Streaming Classification Operations Per Second (SCOPS), faster than any other streaming big data system available.


ListenLogic leverages multidimensional modeling technology, delivering highly specific answers to very complex questions.

Rather than trying to guess a list of keywords that will deliver 90% noise and 10% signal, ListenLogic uses sophisticated, multidimensional filters and classifiers to invert the signal to noise ratio, deliver 90% signal and 10% noise, resulting in precise, actionable answers to questions like ‘Who is ready to buy my product right now?’


ListenLogic Social Business Intelligence Center features expert analysts who provide deep, immediate intelligence to confirm the validity, identify trends and tipping points and immediately communicate discoveries to clients.

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