Key Considerations for Effective Social Intelligence

As the need to understand shoppers, consumers, influencers and competitors becomes increasingly critical to corporations to grow and protect their businesses, advanced social intelligence is now at the forefront of strategically achieving this.

Given this, it’s never been more important for companies to adopt advanced, effective solutions to detect and discover powerful insight from all corners of the open social universe. Accordingly, here is a review of five key considerations for selecting an advanced enterprise social intelligence solution for your brand or business.

Protecting Enterprises Against Social Risk

Chief Strategy Officer, Mark Langsfeld, discusses the myriad of social risks and threats facing corporations and how enterprises are strategically protecting themselves with the world’s largest and most advanced business intelligence command center.

Five “Big Data” Visualizations Every Brand Needs

Advanced social intelligence extracted from deep within the billions of daily discussions across the open social universe is changing the way leading brands understand their markets, set their strategies and make their decisions. As such, Marketing, Brand, Research and Insight teams are gaining powerful unprecedented perspectives through detailed views of their shoppers, consumers, influencers and competitors.

This, in turn, delivers actionable insight into a wide array of consumer triggers ranging from demand moments to decision factors for brands to engage and influence.

Here is a look at five “big data” visualizations pioneering brands are using and every brand needs to strategically grow their business in today’s “Age of the Consumer.”

Social Benchmark Report Profiles ListenLogic As Leading Provider

ListenLogic and its solutions were recently profiled in the Gleansight Report on Social Listening. The report compiled by Gleanster Research, “reveals how Top Performers are generating actionable insights from social data. It looks at the challenges that companies commonly face with social listening. And it examines the enabling technologies, analytic capabilities, business processes, organizational resources and corporate cultures they’re putting into place to overcome these challenges and maximize the value of their investment, ultimately driving increased shareholder value.”

The Gleansight Report points to ListenLogic’s pioneering solutions “with comprehensive social media monitoring capabilities” and provides an overview of the company’s extensive experience delivering advanced social intelligence to leading corporations.

The report also highlights ListenLogic for its focus on the pharmaceutical and healthcare space, pointing to its “social intelligence product suite tailored to the industry.” As the report also states, “[ListenLogic] has been quite successful in carving out a nice around generating insights from patient-to-patient conversations.”

More information on the Gleanster Social Listening Report can be found here.

ListenLogic Moves to Expand Advanced Business Intelligence Center

As ListenLogic continues to grow on a variety of fronts, from its portfolio to personnel, it was high-time for the company to expand its space to accommodate this ongoing expansion. Earlier this month the company moved into new space in Conshohocken, which largely serves as the Philadelphia region’s technology hub. The space, complete with 16-foot high ceilings and a view of the Schuylkill River, is approximately three times the size of ListenLogic’s previous location in Fort Washington.

One of primary needs of the new office was facilitate the expansion of the company’s Business Intelligence Center (pictured right), which now features over 70 screens. This expansion was necessary for our expert analysts to effectively manage the ever-expanding, advanced, real-time social risk and threat detection delivered to many of the world’s leading brands across the media, entertainment, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

The risks ListenLogic detects on an ongoing basis range in variety and complexity from employee misconduct and extortion attempts to boycotts and breaches to impersonation identification to influencer tracking.

ListenLogic’s Business Intelligence Center not only features one of the most advanced streaming “big data” engines, which processes at a rate of over one billion streaming operations per second, but it is also one of the largest commercial command centers in the world.