ListenLogic’s CSO to Present at AdWeek

ListenLogic Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Mark Langsfeld, will be a featured presenter at Advertising Week DC in Washington, DC on October 1. The theme of the event, “Getting Ready for the Next 10: Seconds, Months, Years” will feature Mark as a panelist on “Predicting the Future with Big Data.” The session is geared toward exploring the use of predictive analytics and social business intelligence to drive advertising and marketing initiatives.

Who: Mark Langsfeld, Chief Strategy Officer, ListenLogic
What: AdWeekDC, Predicting the Future with Big Data
Where: The Globe Theater
1927 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20009
Metro: Dupont Circle (Red)
When: Tuesday, October 1, 2013, 3:00 to 4:00 pm ET

Mark is the co-author of Social Business Intelligence: Reducing Risk, Building Brands and Driving Growth with Social Media, the industry’s first executive handbook on leveraging social intelligence to set strategy, guide decisions and drive innovation across the Marketing, Brand, Product and Insight teams.

During the featured AdWeek session he will discuss how ListenLogic’s advanced streaming big data social intelligence platform, which process over one billion operations per second, cuts through the chaos of billions of daily social media posts frm across the entire open social universe to extract precise, actionable insights on shoppers, consumers, influencers, brands, markets and competitors.

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ListenLogic Featured in Wall Street Journal

ListenLogic’s recently released book Avoiding #FAIL: Mitigating Risk, Managing Threats and Protecting the Corporation in the Age of Social Media has already been featured twice in the Wall Street Journal’s Risk & Compliance Journal. The first feature, entitled “Executive Gaffes, Amplified”, discusses how executive and corporate missteps are getting amplified on a daily basis across social media. The piece features ListenLogic’s Avoiding #FAIL book as a unique, powerful resource for executives to understand the social dimension of enterprise risk to manage and mitigate a growing variety of complex social threats ranging from sabotage and extortion to brandjacking and impersonation.

The Morning Risk Report points to Avoiding #FAIL as a strong example of this growing social corporate risk growing trend in the fact that the book features over 100 case studies of social threats against and missteps by corporations and executives. The cases include companies like Apple, ESPN, Google, LinkedIn, Netflix, McDonald’s, Southwest, Starbucks and Target. Avoiding #FAIL serves as a handbook to help executives and corporations understand the emerging social dimension of enterprise risk and how to effectively detect, track and mitigate these threats.

The Wall Street Journal also wrote a feature entitled “Where Companies Go Wrong With Social Media” and focuses on ListenLogic’s perspective on enterprise social risk and how our advanced social intelligence and threat detection solutions help corporations protect themselves against the myriad of growing social threats. ListenLogic’s CEO, Vince Schiavone, explained to WSJ Editor Nick Elliot, “Most large corporations haven’t evolved their understanding of social media, the amount of damage it can cause and how quickly that can happen.” He went on to explain, “The risk of not properly understanding and monitoring [social media] is increasing every day.”

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Writing the Book on Enterprise Social Risk

With the proliferation of social media, a myriad of enterprise social risks and threats are emerging against corporations. Ranging from from employee misconduct and extortion to brandjackings and boycotts these threats can be incredibly complex and damaging ad companies struggle to detect and identify them in real-time to effectively mitigate the havoc they inflict.

To help corporations and executives understand and address the growing social dimension of enterprise risk, a consortium of academic and professional experts in social intelligence and enterprise risk have written Avoiding #FAIL: Mitigating Risk, Managing Threats and Protecting the Corporation in the Age of Social Media (2013, 229 pgs., hardback/ebook, Ascendigm Press).

The book serves as executive guide, exploring enterprise social risk with analysis and insight and features over 100 case studies on brands like Apple, ESPN, General Motors, Google, Johnson & Johnson, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Starbucks, Verizon and United Airlines, to name just a few. The book provides deep learnings and recommendations on how companies can implement advanced enterprise social threat detection to effectively protect and preserve their business.

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Writing the Book on Social Business Intelligence

One of the most common questions ListenLogic gets from clients is ‘how are other companies strategically using social business intelligence?’ Given the deep experience ListenLogic has across the food and beverage, media, automotive, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals and entertainment industries, it’s understandable that leading corporations are interested in learning best practices an applications from other leading corporations – and ListenLogic serves as a hub for that knowledge.

In response to this question, we compiled a consortium of academic and professional social business intelligence experts that collaborated to write Social Business Intelligence: Reducing Risk, Building Brands & Driving Growth with Social Media (hardback, 191 pgs, Ascendigm Press, $24.95).

Today, advanced social business intelligence is delivering detailed, actionable insight on shoppers, consumers, markets, influencers, brands and competitors like never before possible. With the exponential growth of commentary across mainstream social networks and niche open-source channels, like blogs and forums, social business intelligence is now a “big data” challenge requiring massive, real-time processing capabilities and concept modeling beyond the limitations of keyword lists and data samples.

This book provides the first comprehensive business guide to unlocking and leveraging social business intelligence across the enterprise. In fact, this book serves as an executive guide exploring social business intelligence with analysis and case studies on leading brands like Apple, BMW, Disney, The Daily Show and Wisk, providing recommendations on how businesses can effectively implement an advanced social intelligence strategy to set strategy, drive innovation and make decisions.

Early reviews for the book include:

“This book is a must read for any business executive or market researcher.”

-Jerry Wind, The Lauder Professor, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

“The analysis and research in this book provides the practical hows and whys for managers to effectively leverage social business intelligence.”

-David Larcker, James Irvin Miller Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

“…this book shows you not only case studies of how social business intelligence can move brand forward, it gives you a framework for doing it yourself.”

-Jason Falls, Founder, Social Media Explorer

We are reserving a select number of complimentary copies for qualified professionals. If you’re interested in receiving a complimentary copy to learn more about strategically implementing social business intelligence for your organization register here. If you’re interested in purchasing copies you can contact us at

Stay tuned to our blog as we feature case studies and analysis from the book in coming weeks.