WSJ: Critical Lessons In Managing Social Threats

As enterprise social risk grows exponentially, industries, corporations and media outlets are trying to understand and gain visibility the complex threats emerging from billions of daily social media posts. As such, The Wall Street Journal commissioned ListenLogic’s Business Intelligence Command Center to analyze the mold crisis Chobani yogurt has been dealing with across the nation and open social universe. A primary goal of this WSJ initiative was to uncover critical learning for brands and corporations on the complex spectrum of threats emerging from social media and to also illustrate the power advanced social intelligence and threat detection provides in helping to protect enterprises.

Below is a review of five major lessons from the Chobani crisis that every corporation should pay close attention to in order to better understand the array of emerging social risks to protect their revenue, reputation, organization and customers.


Consumer Power: Moms 12x more likely to trust consumer reviews

A study released by EXPO, showed that moms as consumers are 12x more likely to trust a consumer review of a product than any promotional materials or marketing messages. (View the full article @

What does this tell us? This says that times are changing and what PEOPLE are saying about your brand is just as, if not MORE important than what you are saying about it. With consumer TRUST now in the hands of consumers themselves, it’s time for brands to start listening and responding to what their customers want.

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