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Listening Report Features ListenLogic

ListenLogic advanced social intelligence solutions are profiled in the most recent Gleansight Benchmark Report on Social Listening. The report compiled by Gleanster Research, reviews “the art and science of social listening” and examines the enabling technologies, analytic capabilities, business processes, organizational resources and corporate cultures they’re putting in place to maximize the value of their investment in this initiative in order to to achieve their objectives and ultimately drive increased shareholder value.

The Gleansight Report points to ListenLogic’s pioneering solutions with comprehensive social media monitoring capabilities and provides an overview of the company’s extensive experience delivering advanced social intelligence to leading corporations. The report also features ListenLogic’s unique “approach of combining social media monitoring tools with human filtering.”

The report also highlights ListenLogic for its focus on the pharmaceutical and healthcare space, pointing to its social intelligence product suite tailored to the industry. As the report also states, ListenLogic has been quite successful in carving out a nice around generating insights from patient-to-patient conversations.

More information on the Gleanster Social Listening Report can be found here.

Pharmaceutical Social Threats Continue to Grow

The exponential expansion of social media has introduced a growing spectrum of threats against corporations hidden deep within billions upon billions of daily social discussions. Specifically, within the health and pharmaceutical industry, are an array of emerging risks threatening companies coming from patients, activists, influencers, regulators, criminals and even competitors and originating from all corners of the open social universe.

Below is a review of major emerging risks from the open social universe that targeting the revenue and reputations of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies on a regular basis.

Expert Insight: Tracking the Open Social Universe

Mark Langsfeld
Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Through engaging with with many of the world’s leading brands across a myriad of industries from food to pharmaceuticals, we often get an array of insightful questions about social intelligence and the threats and insights that come from the open social universe. Given this, we’ve tapped our Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Mark Langsfeld, to periodically provide insight on questions surrounding social risk and social intelligence. Mark oversees ListenLogic’s Business Intelligence Command Center (pictured), the largest and most advanced of its kind in the world.

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As social media continues to grow exponentially, our team is regularly asked about various aspects of the open social universe arise. Here are a few questions of interest on the topic:

Q: With the sheer size of social media, how do you effectively cut through the massive volume of noise? -Sarah S.

A: Social can easily be intimidating to the largest, most sophisticated corporations. You’re talking about billions and billions of discussions from hundreds of millions of posters across tens of millions of social sources, and that is from a single day! This is a common question because many companies are trying to basically retrofit their social monitoring “buzz” tools to find threats from within social media. The problem with this approach is that these tools only see snippets of the open social universe and the keyword methodology they use requires the operator to know exactly what they are looking for, which doesn’t work well when you’re talking about countless types of threats that can present in countless different ways. Your essentially trying to see the next galaxy with a basic telescope, when you need the advanced technology of the Hubble Telescope.

A lot of companies aren’t sure where to start at first. The point you bring up is a critical one; filtering out the irrelevant noise is vital. However, you have to be able to access and process the entire open social universe first. This requires advanced technology related to big data processing and concept modeling to filter out the noise in real-time and classify the resulting relevant information. The challenge many are finding is that keywords deliver massive amounts of noise. Take the BMW X1 as an example – the items pictured to the right is just a sampling of the products named “X1″ – a tremendous amount to noise irrelevant to BMW. Many would say “just use the keyword “BMW X1.” Unfortunately, this is not generally how consumers converse on social media. This is why using concept models and a discovery engine is critical filtering out the noise, identifying the intelligence and discovering new and evolving lexicon relevant to the brand.

The bottom line is social is a streaming “big data” problem and brands are realizing they need streaming “big data” solutions to filter out the irrelevant noise and identify the relevant information to discover actionable insight.

Q: Where do most corporate threats come from within social media? -Tina G.

A: There’s really no simple answer to this question. It largely depends on the corporation, threat type, influencers and a variety of other factors. However, even if you know these factors, they’re constantly changing. Social networks are certainly massive in size, but if an activist is trying to organize against your company, they aren’t necessarily going to use this type of forum. Or if your having an individual organize a boycott against your brand they could be doing it through one of 400 million blogs.

Unfortunately, we see threats come from all corners of social media – blogs, social networks, microblogs, forums, boards, open comment sites and many others. And these threats range from lawsuits to boycotts to protests to brandjackings to extortion attempts to employee sabotage to security threats to data breaches…the list goes on and on and is added to regularly.

You can’t pick and choose one or two sources to monitor for social risk because these threats are unpredictable. If they were predictable you could use a simple keyword search tool to find them. The key is for the company to be prepared and have visibility to the entire open social universe in real-time. Achieving this gives the organization and the risk stewards, particularly the frontline folks, a huge advantage in mitigating these threats.

If you have a question related to social intelligence or social risk send it Also, if you’re interested in more insights on social intelligence or social risk get a copy of our books Social Business Intelligence and Avoiding #FAIL.

WSJ: Critical Lessons In Managing Social Threats

As enterprise social risk grows exponentially, industries, corporations and media outlets are trying to understand and gain visibility the complex threats emerging from billions of daily social media posts. As such, The Wall Street Journal commissioned ListenLogic’s Business Intelligence Command Center to analyze the mold crisis Chobani yogurt has been dealing with across the nation and open social universe. A primary goal of this WSJ initiative was to uncover critical learning for brands and corporations on the complex spectrum of threats emerging from social media and to also illustrate the power advanced social intelligence and threat detection provides in helping to protect enterprises.

Below is a review of five major lessons from the Chobani crisis that every corporation should pay close attention to in order to better understand the array of emerging social risks to protect their revenue, reputation, organization and customers.


Social Monitoring Report Features ListenLogic

The 2013 Ideya Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services Report was recently released and features a elaborate profile on ListenLogic as a pioneer and leading provider of social intelligence and threat detection. The report also provides a detailed guide to selecting and using social media intelligence tools and services. As the report states:

ListenLogic leverages streaming “big data” processing and highly advanced complex concept modelling with advanced discovery engine, in place of traditional, narrow keyword lists to detect and identify critical intelligence and deliver deep, actionable, real time insight to grow and protect businesses. It collects, filters, and categorizes more data, faster than other systems at one billion streaming classification operations per second (SCOPS), allowing their clients to see the entire relevant open social universe instead of mere samples from keyword tools. It offers custom solutions specifically to deliver real-time threats and insights on its clients’ businesses and provides immediate, actionable understanding of their markets, products, brands, shoppers, consumers, influencers and competitors.

The Ideya Report points to ListenLogic’s specialized solutions in Risk & Reputation Intelligence and Strategic Insight solutions, stating, “ListenLogic delivers immediate, actionable insight for real-time, enterprise-wide response to Risk, Legal, Corporate Communication, Security, Insights, Innovation, Product, Marketing and Brand teams, for an unmatched understanding and response.”