Anexinet Acquires ListenLogic to Expand Digital Solutions Portfolio

Anexinet Corporation has acquired ListenLogic. For Anexinet, a Marlin Equity Partners portfolio company, this acquisition further enhances its market-leading portfolio of technology services and solutions.

“As a leader in unstructured data analytics and social intelligence, ListenLogic is a perfect complement to our existing digital and customer analytics solutions.” said Joseph Lanzisera, President of Anexinet. “ListenLogic’s focus on delivering world class digital solutions to its clients and on attracting top talent are directly aligned to the Anexinet model.”

“We share Anexinet’s vision for the need to improve how customer analytics help organizations drive their brand and marketing strategy,” said Mark Langsfeld, President, ListenLogic. “We believe all industries can benefit from integration of unstructured and structured data and we are excited to expand these capabilities with the addition of Anexinet’s technical team and partners.”

“We believe the combination of Anexinet and ListenLogic increases the addressable market for both businesses and expands Anexinet’s best-in-class portfolio of services into the rapidly growing unstructured data analytics market,” said Ryan Wald, partner at Marlin. “We look forward to providing continued financial and operational support to enhance the combined business’ services to meet the evolving needs of their customers.”

Joining Anexinet will offer a broader set of digital, strategy, and technology solutions to the loyal ListenLogic customer base. This will also expand on the digital offering set of Anexinet. The combined team will continue to offer new and innovative solutions as the technology and techniques of the customer centric digital landscape expands.

Do Deflated Balls Take Air Out of Pats’ Reputation? WSJ

This week the crisis experts looked into the comments from the New England Patriots and how they are handling the controversy over deflated footballs. The team’s coach, Bill Belichick denied any knowledge of deflating game balls, then held a second press conference in which he talked about the science of deflation and made a reference to the 1990s comedy “My Cousin Vinny.”

Vincent Schiavone, executive chairman, ListenLogic: “[This] is not really about under-inflated balls…it’s not even about the larger questions: ‘Did the Patriots and coach Belichick get caught cheating again?’; ‘Does nice guy Tom Brady cheat?’; ‘Do all teams and all quarterbacks prepare their balls outside of the official rules?’ All communications from all involved parties are focused on one thing–the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is big business, the most watched and most valuable sporting event in the U.S.

“All parties are handling it the best they can under the circumstances. The number one rule of all crisis communications is to not say anything that will make the situation worse. Any admission by Mr. Brady, Mr. Belichick or the Patriots would force the NFL to do something about it before the Super Bowl. The driving strategy for this crisis communication is ‘Do not do or say anything that may impact the Super Bowl!’

“Mr. Belichick’s response that he had nothing to do with the balls and ‘You will have to talk with Tom” was not so good. Neither was his response he looked into the process and then presented plausible explanations as to why it could happen. The coach is seen as distancing himself from the crisis and throwing his [quarterback] under the bus.

Read the entire piece here.

ListenLogic Featured in Wall Street Journal

ListenLogic’s recently released book Avoiding #FAIL: Mitigating Risk, Managing Threats and Protecting the Corporation in the Age of Social Media has already been featured twice in the Wall Street Journal’s Risk & Compliance Journal. The first feature, entitled “Executive Gaffes, Amplified”, discusses how executive and corporate missteps are getting amplified on a daily basis across social media. The piece features ListenLogic’s Avoiding #FAIL book as a unique, powerful resource for executives to understand the social dimension of enterprise risk to manage and mitigate a growing variety of complex social threats ranging from sabotage and extortion to brandjacking and impersonation.

The Morning Risk Report points to Avoiding #FAIL as a strong example of this growing social corporate risk growing trend in the fact that the book features over 100 case studies of social threats against and missteps by corporations and executives. The cases include companies like Apple, ESPN, Google, LinkedIn, Netflix, McDonald’s, Southwest, Starbucks and Target. Avoiding #FAIL serves as a handbook to help executives and corporations understand the emerging social dimension of enterprise risk and how to effectively detect, track and mitigate these threats.

The Wall Street Journal also wrote a feature entitled “Where Companies Go Wrong With Social Media” and focuses on ListenLogic’s perspective on enterprise social risk and how our advanced social intelligence and threat detection solutions help corporations protect themselves against the myriad of growing social threats. ListenLogic’s CEO, Vince Schiavone, explained to WSJ Editor Nick Elliot, “Most large corporations haven’t evolved their understanding of social media, the amount of damage it can cause and how quickly that can happen.” He went on to explain, “The risk of not properly understanding and monitoring [social media] is increasing every day.”

To get your copy of the Avoiding #FAIL book click here.


Marketers Taking Aim with Social Intelligence

ListenLogic CMO, Mark Harrington, recently wrote a feature in CMS Wire entitled ‘Five Reasons Marketers Need to Embrace Social Intelligence.’ In the piece he states “With an unprecedented wealth of insight available, it’s never been more critical for marketing teams to understand to the countless individuals broadcasting about their business, products, solutions, service and brands.”

We sat down with Mark to discuss how Marketing teams are using social intelligence to gain competitive advantages.

LL: Mark, can you talk about some of the applications where Marketers are using social intelligence?

MH: A lot of what we deliver revolve around deep consumer insights, from constructing the customer journey and path to purchase to building consumer persona segments and product feature sentiment. The applications for this intelligence are rich; we have clients using these consumers insight to develop media plans since we can tell them how their target audiences are consuming media – music, movies, television, online, video games, you name it, or the hobbies and interests they have.

We work with corporations to help them identify new target segments or enter new markets. We also provide insight on how to save products that are losing market share and how to effectively launch new products. It is also used to measure the efficacy of promotional campaigns or testing product features or packaging. There is such a wide array of Marketing applications advanced social intelligence is becoming a standard staple for many brands.

LL: What about for competitive intelligence? Are corporations using this to track their competitors?

MH: Oh yeah. Most brands first want deep social intelligence on their products. Second, they want to know everything their competitors, and I mean everything. They’re looking for specific strengths and weaknesses to help strategically guide their plan of attack to win market share. We have clients who no doubt have more insight on their competitors than those competitors have on themselves. This is the ultimate in competitive intelligence and that’s incredibly powerful.

Unveiling the Technology Behind ListenLogic’s Advanced Social Business Intelligence

An increasing number of companies are realizing that extracting intelligence – threats, opportunities and deep market insight – out of social media chaos is not about “buzz,” it’s about big data. Taking samples and snippets simply don’t provide corporations with the intelligence they require to deeply understand their markets and strategically set their strategy.

ListenLogic Founder Vince Schiavone kicked off the AlwaysOn Venture Summit by unveiling the sophisticated hypercomputing technology born out of Stanford University research that drives ListenLogic’s solutions which deliver leading corporations with advanced real-time insight previously unavailable.