Expert Insight: Social Insight’s Impact on Marketing

Mark Harrington
Chief Marketing Officer

Through engagement with many of the world’s leading brands across a myriad of industries from food to pharmaceuticals, we often get an array of insightful questions about social intelligence and the threats and insights that come from the open social universe. Given this, we’ve tapped some of our experts to periodically provide insight on questions surrounding social risk and social intelligence. Our Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Harrington, oversees ListenLogic’s marketing, content and communication initiatives and is a guest columnist for publications like Social Media Today, Direct Marketing News, Marketing Profs and Business2Community.

With the wide spectrum of insight social intelligence provides to brands here are some recent questions on impact to Marketing:

What’s the most valuable insight social data can provide to Marketers? -Ashley H.

The biggest overall value from social intelligence is probably the fact you can understand the behaviors and preferences of millions of shoppers and consumers without ever asking a question. The ethnographic approach in itself has value just in observing individual behaviors across such a massive population. But I think the question wants a bit more specific of an answer. I think it’s hard to boil it down to just one, but getting very deep into consumer personas and corresponding activity and behavior has incredible value for product positioning, messaging and campaign development. Here is a review of five innovative insights I think provide tremendous actionable value to Marketers.

What do you find is the biggest challenge for Marketers to embrace social insights? – Will K.

First, it’s a new realm, which tends to come with initial hesitation. Second, hearing “social media” and “big data,” which are both often nebulous terms, can be daunting. But once marketers see the tangible, actionable insight that can be extracted from billions of social conversations they get it pretty quickly. When you work with Insight and Research professionals who have been doing this for decades and or have PhDs in the realm and they see insight applied and react by saying, “I never knew this was possible,” it’s eye-opening. I know personally using surveys and focus groups for companies like eBay and Citi, I certainly wish I had access to this type of data for the speed and depth of the intelligence it provides. The impact is impressive, so much so that were even seeing traditional industries moving to adopt it because the insight is so actionable.

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ListenLogic CEO Named Ponemon Institute Fellow

ListenLogic Co-Founder and CEO, Vince Schiavone, has been named a Fellow at the Ponemon Institute. The Ponemon Institute conducts independent research on privacy, data protection and information security policy.

The institute’s goal is to enable organizations in both the private and public sectors to have a clearer understanding of the trends in practices, perceptions and potential threats that will affect the collection, management and safeguarding of personal and confidential information about individuals and organizations. Ponemon Institute research informs organizations on how to improve upon their data protection initiatives and enhance their brand and reputation as a trusted enterprise.

As an expert in big data, social business intelligence, information security and digital privacy, Vince joins a distinguished panel of Fellows that features executive officers from public agencies like U.S. Department of Defense, Homeland Security and Department of Treasury, as well as leading companies like Amazon, Bell Labs, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Symantec and The Walt Disney Company.

Key Considerations for Effective Social Intelligence

As the need to understand shoppers, consumers, influencers and competitors becomes increasingly critical to corporations to grow and protect their businesses, advanced social intelligence is now at the forefront of strategically achieving this.

Given this, it’s never been more important for companies to adopt advanced, effective solutions to detect and discover powerful insight from all corners of the open social universe. Accordingly, here is a review of five key considerations for selecting an advanced enterprise social intelligence solution for your brand or business.

Marketers Taking Aim with Social Intelligence

ListenLogic CMO, Mark Harrington, recently wrote a feature in CMS Wire entitled ‘Five Reasons Marketers Need to Embrace Social Intelligence.’ In the piece he states “With an unprecedented wealth of insight available, it’s never been more critical for marketing teams to understand to the countless individuals broadcasting about their business, products, solutions, service and brands.”

We sat down with Mark to discuss how Marketing teams are using social intelligence to gain competitive advantages.

LL: Mark, can you talk about some of the applications where Marketers are using social intelligence?

MH: A lot of what we deliver revolve around deep consumer insights, from constructing the customer journey and path to purchase to building consumer persona segments and product feature sentiment. The applications for this intelligence are rich; we have clients using these consumers insight to develop media plans since we can tell them how their target audiences are consuming media – music, movies, television, online, video games, you name it, or the hobbies and interests they have.

We work with corporations to help them identify new target segments or enter new markets. We also provide insight on how to save products that are losing market share and how to effectively launch new products. It is also used to measure the efficacy of promotional campaigns or testing product features or packaging. There is such a wide array of Marketing applications advanced social intelligence is becoming a standard staple for many brands.

LL: What about for competitive intelligence? Are corporations using this to track their competitors?

MH: Oh yeah. Most brands first want deep social intelligence on their products. Second, they want to know everything their competitors, and I mean everything. They’re looking for specific strengths and weaknesses to help strategically guide their plan of attack to win market share. We have clients who no doubt have more insight on their competitors than those competitors have on themselves. This is the ultimate in competitive intelligence and that’s incredibly powerful.

Five “Big Data” Visualizations Every Brand Needs

Advanced social intelligence extracted from deep within the billions of daily discussions across the open social universe is changing the way leading brands understand their markets, set their strategies and make their decisions. As such, Marketing, Brand, Research and Insight teams are gaining powerful unprecedented perspectives through detailed views of their shoppers, consumers, influencers and competitors.

This, in turn, delivers actionable insight into a wide array of consumer triggers ranging from demand moments to decision factors for brands to engage and influence.

Here is a look at five “big data” visualizations pioneering brands are using and every brand needs to strategically grow their business in today’s “Age of the Consumer.”