Brand Protection in the Age of Social Media

ListenLogic Chief Strategy Officer, Mark Langsfeld, recently hosted a focused webinar on the growing social risks and threats facing companies across the Food & Beverage industry. The session, which runs under 30 minutes, was attended by a myriad of leading brands across the food and beverage sectors and discusses an array of topics on social risk, including:

– Product recalls
– Extortion attempts
– Liability claims
– Employee sabotage
– Brandjacking

Mark also reviews how leading providers of food and beverage products are strategically protecting themselves against the growing social dimension of enterprise risk.

The key takeaways of this webinar include helping you to understand the complex social threats facing Food & Beverage companies, reviewing specific food and beverage social crisis cases and the corresponding lessons and providing insight into strategies and best practices for advanced brand protection.

If you’re interested in viewing a replay of the webinar please click the link below.

Webinar Replay: Brand Protection in the Age of Social Media

Pharma Webinar: Leveraging social to better understand patients

This Thursday, February 17th, ListenLogic Health will be hosting a free webinar. Come join us to walk you through how some of the largest Pharma & Healthcare organizations in the world are leveraging social media for market research.

A little more about this webinar:

Patients and caregivers are talking in unparalleled numbers using social networks, blogs, forums, and other social media venues. Social market research helps brands gain a deeper understanding of these conversations, to better measure the patient’s mindset, needs, and impact on therapeutic categories. Whether pharma participates or not, these social conversations are driving prescription and OTC sales.

Who should attend?

  • Pharma brand managers & directors
  • Pharma market researchers

What will you learn?

  • What is social market research?
  • Who is the Involved Patientâ„¢, and how can we better understand them?
  • How does social market research co-exist with primary market research?
  • How does social market research assist todays pharmaceutical brands?

Register now and put it on your calendar!