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More Consumers Sharing In-Store Experiences via Mobile Devices

According to a new study released by ListenLogic, nearly 25% of shopping conversations are posted online from consumers within the store. Whether it’s shopping at an electronics retailer or eating at a restaurant, more consumers are posting their opinions via mobile devices when they shop.

“Mobile smartphones have completely transformed the way people research and purchase products,” said Mark Langsfeld, Founder & CEO of ListenLogic. “People seek feedback in support of their purchasing decisions and share their experiences, both positive and negative, with the world. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in online conversation volumes over the past 6 months, largely attributed to the sales of mobile smartphones coupled with the accelerated adoption of social technologies.”

The study “Mobile Social Shoppers” looked at thousands of online and social media discussions during Q1 2011 where consumers were discussing their shopping experiences and found that nearly 1 out of 4 comments were made while the consumer was within the physical store.

This was an increase from Q4 2010 when nearly 1 out of 6 comments were made while in the store. Conversations in the Q1 2011 study ranged from comparing pricing, seeking assistance, checking-in, “meet me here”, and interacting with staff.

“When over 200 million smartphones are sold in a six month period, it’s no wonder we’re seeing such high concentration of social shopping conversations, consumers are using these devices as intended.” says Vincent Schiavone, co-founder & Chairman. “They’re using their iPhone, Android or BlackBerry devices to post updates, tweets, pictures and video wherever they go.”

The study analyzed 16,500 public online and social consumer conversations across the retail and restaurant industries posted during Q1 2011 where consumers were expressing opinions about their shopping experiences and identified specific comments that were posted from a mobile device.


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