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Anexinet Acquires ListenLogic to Expand Digital Solutions Portfolio


Anexinet Corporation (“Anexinet”) today announced the acquisition of ListenLogic, LLC (“ListenLogic”), a leading provider of unstructured big data analytics, social intelligence, and real-time risk sensing to large enterprises…

Crisis of the Week: DuPont’s Board Fight With Activist Investor

Wall Street Journal

Vincent Schiavone, executive chairman, ListenLogic: “I think Dupont/Trian is an important case study of how to handle the activist investor proxy fight crisis many chief executives and boards face today…”

Crisis of the Week: Lumber Liquidators Fights Flooring Foes

Wall Street Journal

Vincent Schiavone, executive chairman, ListenLogic: “Rule number one: Don’t make things worse! That is exactly what Lumber Liquidators did by agreeing to an on-camera interview. Lumber liquidators is experiencing an attack crisis in the digital world where consumers, media, activists, lawyers, regulators and politicians…”

The Social Evolution of Competitive Intelligence

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals Insight Journal

With billions upon billions of social discussions occurring daily, brands can now not only gain unprecedented insight into the market stance of own brands, but also gain deep understanding of their competitors often more so than the competitors understand themselves.

C-suite Risk: Managing Social Media Risks to Reputation

Wall Street Journal

Vince Schiavone, CEO of ListenLogic, a provider of enterprise social intelligence, discusses what can be done to help C-suite executives and board members become more informed of the risks social media can present with Henry Ristuccia, partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Shopping App Traps to Avoid

ABC News

ListenLogic Co-Founder, Vince Schiavone, discusses some of the attractions and pitfalls consumers can encounter and mobile consumer apps increase in popularity.

Social Disorders: Lessons From 2013’s Biggest Social #Fails


It’s been a banner year for social media failures, which are widely undiscriminating and damaging to their perpetrators. Social media’s evolving reach is enticing an increasing number of businesses and executives, however, even those who should be savvy with the medium are often getting bruised by lapses in judgment and lack of control.

Driving Innovation with Social Insights

Yahoo Business Advisor

Mining the attitudes, behaviors, trends and perspectives deep within the billions upon billions of daily social discussions provides unprecedented insight into an organization’s consumers, champions, critics and competitors.

Strategic Risk and Emerging Technologies

Wall Street Journal

As the social, mobile and consumer ages advance and converge, identifying the complex array of threats from the open social universe in real-time has never been more critical or challenging for corporations, says Vince Schiavone, Chairman of ListenLogic, a provider of enterprise social intelligence.

Six Solutions to Monitor Customer Sentiment

Street Fight Magazine

As the sheer number of review websites, social networks, and message boards increase, consumers are finding more ways to share their opinions online. Business owners are finding new ways to take advantage of the situation, too.

The Dimensions of Detecting a Social Crisis


To achieve advance warning of risks and threats, corporations now require social intelligence as the backbone of their crisis management strategy. This is no different than the way military or intelligence organizations operate, knowledge is power and propagates effective response. With the variety of threats and perpetrators immediate detection and deep understanding of these threats is critical.

Empowering Executives with Social Intelligence

Yahoo Business Advisor

While most companies are using social media on a tactical marketing level and some are executing shallow reputation monitoring, very few are leveraging the advantages social business intelligence delivers to their boards and senior managers to set strategy.

Five Tools for Analyzing Social Data

Street Fight Magazine

Street Fight reviews five leading social data platforms that marketers can use to make sense of the location-specific data coming from social media, including ListenLogic’s advanced big social data platform.

Social Threat Protection Critical for the Health Industry

HealthWorks Collective

An increasing number of pharmaceutical and health organizations are also realizing, often through their own experiences of crisis, that a myriad of threats are emerging from social media, squarely targeting their brands. Immediate real-time detection of these growing risks and threats are quickly becoming a crucial component to protecting reputations and revenues.

The Post-Cookie Internet

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Schiavone’s company, ListenLogic, is among those big marketers pay to make sense of all the customer data: We deliver strategic insight discovery from within big social data on both a real-time and predictive basis.

Avoiding #FAIL: Social Intelligence from the Dark Side of Risk

International Journal Of Competitive Intelligence and Business Strategy

Avoiding #FAIL : Mitigating Risk, Managing Threats and Protecting The Corporation in the Age of Social Media could be described as a must-have guide about how to survive in the present on-line world and still be ahead of your rivals.

Social Threats of Greatest Risk Concern for Executives


According to Deloitte’s recently released global survey Exploring Strategic Risk, reputation is now a paramount concern for the 300+ c-level executives who were surveyed. In fact, 40 percent of these executives cited reputational risk as their primary concern, compared to only 27 percent who cited competition.

The Evolution of Sentiment into Actionable Insight

Social Media Today

As technology has advanced, allowing companies to get broader and deeper into social data, it has facilitated the evolution of sentiment to a dimension of specificity to help brands gain detailed understanding of the specific aspects and features that drive consumer sentiment, demand, decisions and ultimately purchases.

“Avoiding #FAIL” Book Takes On Daunting Issue of Social Risk

Corporate Compliance Insights

Avoiding #FAIL provides an in-depth understanding of the complex dangers of social risk and how companies can implement an advanced threat detection solution to effectively protect and preserve their businesses.

Industry’s First Social Risk Guide Released


To help executives understand and address the growing dangers of social risks threatening their revenue and reputation, I assembled a consortium of academic and commercial experts spanning social intelligence, enterprise risk, digital privacy, communications and security to write the industry’s first comprehensive handbook on the topic.

Countering the Growing Threat of Brandjacking


As the Age of Social Media’s grows exponentially, so does the variety and complexity of threats facing corporations. One of the newest and most damaging threats is that of brandjacking, essentially the hijacking of brand’s online presence, typically on a social network.

Enterprise Social Risk Goes Way Beyond Tweeting Blunders

Corporate Compliance Insights

With corporate social media missteps all the rage lately, the risk of social media has largely been trivialized by a focus on overzealous postings by apathetic, under-trained or disgruntled managers of social media. Ultimately, with some basic discipline and checks, these risks are within the control of the enterprise and easily avoided.

Chobani Gets Lesson in the Power of Social Media

The Wall Street Journal

Our social intelligence report, commissioned by The Wall Street Journal, on Chobani’s mold crisis, reveals a series of critical enterprise social risk lessons from several social missteps by the yogurt provider.

Enterprise Social Risk Needs a C-Suite Champion


As the threats emerging from social media expand in type, frequency and complexity, the proverbial heads of many corporations are spinning as nearly every office across the C-suite experiences serious repercussions from these growing risks. To take on social risk head on, corporations need not just an owner, but also a single-point champion.

The Most Offensive Employee Tweets Ever?

American Express Open Forum

Our CSO, Mark Langsfeld shares his perspective on Business Insider firing their CTO for offensive tweets and why corporations need to take enterprise social risk protection seriously.

Where Companies Go Wrong with Social Media

Wall Street Journal

For all the talk of the game-changing nature of social media, most companies do a poor job of embracing its opportunities and managing its risks, according to Vincent Schiavone, co-founder and chief executive of ListenLogic.

Social Media: Boon to Business or Compliance Death Trap?

Inside Counsel

There are a number of ways that companies can fail at social media, often because social media strategies are not vetted by general counsel or other high-level decision makers. Many of the biggest social media gaffes of recent vintage are outlined in a new book by social media monitoring company ListenLogic.

How Marketers Extract Value From Big Social Data


Companies now have an invaluable, perpetual resource available to them within the big data of social media, which is made up of billions of daily comments by hundreds of millions of consumers across tens of millions of sources spanning the open social universe.

Executive Gaffes, Amplified

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal’s Morning Risk Report cites ListenLogic’s Avoiding #FAIL book as impressive resource for executives to understand the social dimension of enterprise risk with over 100 social threat case studies with brands like Apple, ESPN, Google, LinkedIn, Starbucks, Southwest, Target and Yahoo.

Social Media Monitoring vs. Social Intelligence

Social Business News

Just as there are different levels of listening to human conversations, listening to social media discussions has a wide array of levels that deliver dramatically different results. These different levels offer different levels of insight, challenges and value to the organization. The strategic value and timeliness of the intelligence, and more importantly, the actionability of it to set strategy, make decisions and drive innovation largely determine this value.

Why the “Social CEO” Debate is All Wrong

Social Media Today

Our CMO, Mark Harrington lays out why executives need to focus on understanding the insights and threats from social media, not on whether they should be posting and tweeting on social media.

Gaining a Data Security Edge with Social Threat Detection


A critical component to protecting the enterprise against data security threats is having an advanced social intelligence system to detect these risks and violations from within the billions of daily social discussions across millions of open social universe sources. Real-time detection can mean the difference between rapid mitigation and massive damage.

Uncovering the ‘Five Ws’ of Consumers with Social Intelligence

Yahoo Finance

Innovative brands are actively using the discovery of the Five W’s on their shopper and consumers to effectively engage and gain a powerful competitive advantage by ultimately influencing their decision processes.

Protecting Enterprises Against Unconventional Social Risks

Risk Management Magazine

Today’s social age has brought many changes to the corporate world and increased the competitive threats enterprises have to deal with on an ongoing basis. Traditionally, competition has been upfront and direct with open head-to-head strategies to win customers and market share. But as the world approaches a complete digital state the competitive tactics against corporations have never been more threatening or aggressive.

How Life Sciences Are Finally Understanding Patients

HealthWorks Collective

Health and pharmaceutical companies are now beginning to dramatically enhance the treatments and care they deliver to patients by understanding their decisions, concerns, fears, attitudes, behaviors, actions and challenges – through analysis of millions of daily patient conversations via open online channels and social networks.

Protecting the Enterprise Against Growing Social Threats


Corporations looking to proactively protect the business against growing enterprise social risks are engaging advanced, strategic solutions to unveil and track a wide array of social threats. This delivers strategic intelligence for proactive response to effectively mitigate these threats, often before they explode into all out crises.

How Marketers Are Finally Getting to Know Their Customers

Direct Marketing News

Marketing teams no longer have the luxury to consider their digital and social campaigns as a supplement to traditional mass marketing. Rather, given the shift of consumers to mobile technology and social engagement, marketers now need to lead with digital and drive with deep social intelligence.

The Growing Impact of Social Intelligence on Retail


Today the next generation of social listening has evolved into social intelligence through the use of advanced big data processing and complex concept modeling to deliver deep, powerful, and most importantly, actionable, views of markets, brands, shoppers, consumers and competitors.

Marketers Lead Charge on Unlocking “Big Data” Value

Smart Data Collective

Many Marketing, Insight, Brand and Product teams are leading the charge within their organizations to extract true, actionable intelligence from the hype of “big data.” They are using advanced social intelligence, which is filled with unprecedented consumer insight.

World’s Most Advanced Social Command Center Becomes Largest

Retail Dive

July 9, 2013 – Expanding our command center was necessary for our expert analysts to effectively manage the ever-expanding, real-time social threats detected for our clients, explained ListenLogic Chairman, Vince Schiavone.

Five Reasons Marketers Need to Embrace Social Intelligence


July 3, 2013 – With an unprecedented wealth of insight available, it’s never been more critical for marketing teams to understand to the countless individuals broadcasting about their business, products, solutions, service and brands.

ListenLogic’s Command Center Expands to One of World’s Largest

Visibility Marketing Strategy Magazine

June 27, 2013 – ListenLogic’s move helped facilitate the expansion of the company’s Social Business Intelligence Command Center (pictured), which now features over 100 screens, making it one of the largest commercial command centers in the world.

“Buzz is not actionable and, in many cases, not trusted.”

International Journal Of Competitive Intelligence and Business Strategy

June 25, 2013 – ListenLogic’s Chief Strategy Officer, Mark Langsfeld, talks about the ins and outs of social intelligence, the limitations of “buzz” and advantages it provides to leading corporations in this interview with the International Journal Of Competitive Intelligence and Business Strategy.

New Book Helps Companies Avoid Social Media Failures

Business Insider

June 24, 2013 – In the Internet era, when a company screws up it may face backlash by millions of people around the world. Stephen Andriole, professor at Villanova School of Business, and his co-authors at ListenLogic, a social media monitoring and research company, looked at 100 of the worst cases in their upcoming book Avoiding #FAIL.

How Social Intelligence is Revolutionizing Market Research


June 20, 2013 – The impact of this emerging digital ethnography market research methodology provides Marketing, Product and Brand a window into the specific interests, needs, attitudes and actions of shoppers and consumers to deliver greater value and develop stronger relationships.

Mapping the Patient Journey with Advanced Social Intelligence

HealthWorks Collective

June 13, 2013 – With millions of patients broadcasting their experiences, reactions, behaviors, decisions and attitudes on their conditions, treatments and providers, there is an incredible wealth of “big data” available to pharmaceuticals. With this, however, the daunting challenge has shifted from a lack of detailed insight to a tsunami of real-time information.

Understanding Social Competitive Threats is Critical

International Journal Of Competitive Intelligence and Business Strategy

June 12, 2013 – ListenLogic CEO, Vince Schiavone, serves as a guest columnist discussing how, as the world approaches a complete digital state the competitive threats and disruptive forces against corporations has never been greater.

Five Ways Advanced Social Intelligence Guides Pharma Strategy

Pharmaceutical Executive

June 4, 2013 – Today, with millions of patients sharing their health experiences online across social networks and open source channels, the ability for pharmaceutical companies to truly understand the needs of the patient has never been greater.

Countering Corporate Social Threats Demands Advanced Protection

Social Business News

June 3, 2013 – Today, major corporations across a wide array of industries like food and beverage, media, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals are using advanced social threat detection to identify a wide variety of daily threats to their operations and organizations in real-time.

Learning A Lesson From Patient Advocates


May 25, 2013 – ListenLogic CSO, Mark Langsfeld, is featured in this piece discussing how advanced social intelligence is transforming the pharmaceutical industry and their ability to understand patient needs to innovate and enhance the care delivered to them.

Mapping the Customer Journey with Social Intelligence

Social Media Today

May 25, 2013 – Our EVP, Kevin Glacken, reviews how leading brands are using advanced social intelligence derived from millions of consumer social conversations to map their customer journeys to understand and influence demand moments and decision points like never before.

How “Big Data” Protects the Enterprise Against Growing Social Risk

Smart Data Collective

May 24, 2013 – Tracking and detecting social threats has become a critical objective for many organizations to identify, understand and respond to an enterprise risk landscape that is becoming increasingly complex to pace, manage and mitigate given the speed and reach of the open social universe.

Innovating Innovation with Social Business Intelligence


May 24, 2013 – The ability to understand consumers, markets and competitors has never been more powerful, allowing organizations to bypass the bias of surveys and focus groups and go way beyond “buzz” to achieve true consumer insight to drive strategic innovation like never before.

Why You Need To Start Focusing On Social Intelligence


May 23, 2013 – If you’re a business leader interested in revenue growth – and who isn’t? – you need to start focusing on social intelligence. Every day now, billions of messages are shared across social platforms. How many of them mention your company, product, service, industry, your employees…or even you?

Enterprise Social Risk Demands Advanced Strategic Protection


May 22, 2013 – Today, major corporations across a wide array of industries like food and beverage, media, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals are using advanced social threat detection to identify a wide variety of daily threats to their operations and organizations in real-time.

Are Surveys Obsolete?


May 13, 2013 – With the multidimensional insights social business intelligence is delivering brands coupled with the bias and limitations of traditional surveying, ListenLogic CMO Mark Harrington asks if surveying still delivers value to businesses in today’s social age.

Big Social Data Can Unlock the Power of Engaged Viewers

Smart Data Collective

May 7, 2013 – One of the most powerful aspects of social media and the social business intelligence it enables are the derivative properties of the massive social conversations taking place every day. This has dramatically increased the value of entertainment consumers given the deep ‘big data’ social intelligence gained on them and the ability to intelligentlyengage with them based on their interests and activities.

Five Reasons Corporations Need Advanced Social Intelligence

Yahoo Business Advisor

May 4, 2013 – It’s never been more critical for companies to listen to the countless individuals and groups consistently broadcasting about their business, solutions, service, employees, decisions and brand across open social channels.

Five Ways That Advanced Social Intelligence Helps Marketers


April 26, 2013 – Advanced social intelligence has a wide array of powerful marketing and product applications strategically driving innovation and decision-making. The true resulting power comes from the unsolicited—and unbiased—insight that can be acquired across billions of comments from millions of consumers on million of open online sources.

Driving Innovation with Advanced Social Intelligence

Social Business News

April 26, 2013 – The views many professionals have on social media are one-dimensional, seeing it as a broadcast tool to shout out messaging and promotions. While there is certainly value in this approach, it only addresses a portion of the strategic impact social media can have on your company’s innovation.

How Corporations Can Protect Themselves Against Social Threats

USA Today

April 24, 2013 – $160 billion of dollar was erased from the market in mere seconds yesterday because the AP Twitter account was hacked and used to send false story of White House attack. In this guest commentary, Vince Schiavone, co-founder and CEO of ListenLogic, offers some best practice tips.

Personifying Consumers Through Millions of Social Conversations

Social Media Today

April 23, 2013 – With the massive volume of consumer commentary through billions of daily posts across social networks and open-source channels, accurate, actionable consumer personas can now be constructed based on the actual self-identified comments of the consumers themselves.

Writing the Book on Social Business Intelligence


April 22, 2013 – An introduction to our hardback book Social Business Intelligence: Reducing Risk, Managing Brands & Driving Growth with Social Media on Business2Community, which reviews the publication scope and robust analysis and case studies.

How Your Competition is Getting Ready to Eat Your Lunch


April 19, 2013 – Our CMO Mark Harrington wrote this feature for Business2Community on how smart corporations are receiving unprecedented levels of insight from advanced social intelligence to drive innovation, mitigate risk, measure efficacy and understand competitors like never before while companies who aren’t engaging it risk falling way behind.

The Enterprise-Wide Advantage of Advanced Social Intelligence

Social Media Today

April 13, 2013 – Feature on how advanced social intelligence is strategically impacting teams across the enterprise, from Marketing and Product to Corporate Communications and Risk to Insights and Innovation.

How Smart Brands Are Succeeding in the ‘Age of the Consumer’


April 9, 2013 – Feature piece in Business2Community on how ListenLogic’s advanced social intelligence is helping leading brands to succeed in the ‘Age of the Consumer’ by leveraging unprecedented consumer insight to drive innovation and set strategy.

Unlocking True Patient Understanding

HealthWorks Collective

April 2, 2013 – ListenLogic’s CSO Mark Langsfeld explains in this HealthWorks feature article how advanced social intelligence is unlocking true patient understanding for pharmaceutical companies to deliver better patient care.

Beyond “Buzz”: Five Key Social Business Intelligence Considerations

Social Media Today

March 22, 2013 – This piece by our CMO, Mark Harrington, in Social Media Today reviews five key considerations many leading corporations are focusing on when selecting their social business intelligence solution to go way beyond simple “buzz.”

Five Social Business Intelligence Myths Holding Businesses Back

Social Media Today

March 13, 2013 – Executive Vice President, Kevin Glacken, is featured in Social Media Today, reviewing social business intelligence myths holding many companies back and how ListenLogic is dispelling these myths with advanced technology, methodology and expertise.

How Advanced Social Intelligence is Transforming Healthcare

HealthWorks Collective

March 5, 2013 – Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Mark Langsfeld, is featured in this HealthWorks exclusive reviewing how the advanced social intelligence ListenLogic delivers to health and pharmaceutical companies is providing deeper patient understanding that enhances healthcare delivery.

ListenLogic’s Platform Smashes Big Data’s Billion SCOPS Barrier

Virtual Strategy Magazine

February 28, 2013 – AKUDA LABS’ revolutionary streaming big data platform, which powers ListenLogic’s advanced social intelligence solutions breaks big data’s one billion Streaming Classification Operations Per Second (SCOPS) barrier.

Big Data Social Intelligence: Five Reasons Corporations Need It

Smart Data Collective

February 25, 2013 – Featured article in Smart Data Collective from ListenLogic’s CMO, Mark Harrington on how companies need to become more sophisticated and vigilant in their listening and understanding of social networks and how they can harm or help their business.

Surpassing Surveys with Social Insight

Social Media Today

February 24, 2013 – ListenLogic CMO, Mark Harrington, wrote this piece for Social Media Today on how the bias of surveys makes them an obsolete decision-making tool. With countless consumers broadcasting their likes, dislikes and experiences with your business, products, services and even competitors, Marketers have a wealth of unbiased insight available.

ListenLogic CEO Participates in Wharton Advertising 2020 Initiative


February 19, 2013 – ListenLogic Co-Founder and CEO, Vincent Schiavone, was invited to serve as a thought leader for Wharton’s Advertising 2020 initiative to share his insight on how advertisers can leverage streaming big data hypercomputing today to gain real-time social intelligence on consumers.

ListenLogic Co-Founder Presents Big Social Data’s Impact on Health


February 5, 2013 – ListenLogic Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Mark Langsfeld, recently presented ListenLogic’s advanced social business intelligence solutions at The Pharma Market Research Conference.

ListenLogic CEO Presents to Wharton Executive Program


January 31, 2013 – With the National Constitution Center as a backdrop, ListenLogic Founder and CEO Vince Schiavone presented and discussed the advancements and applications of strategic social business intelligence to participants in Wharton’s LinKS Executive Program.

ListenLogic a Company to Watch Within Social Technology Space


January 17, 2013 – Reviewing how social M&A will venture into the enterprise side of things, AdExchanger names ListenLogic as a company to “keep your eye on” as a leader in advanced social business intelligence within the social technology segment this coming year.

ListenLogic Founder Kicks Off AlwaysOn Venture Summit


December 11, 2012 – ListenLogic Co-Founder and CEO Vince Schiavone kicked off the AlwaysOn Venture Summit at Half Moon Bay by unveiling the sophisticated hypercomputing technology born out of Stanford University research that drives ListenLogic’s advanced solutions which deliver leading corporations with advanced real-time insight previously unavailable.

Tech Success Story Joins ListenLogic

Philadelphia Business Journal

November 28, 2013 – Mark Harrington, a veteran of three of the area’s biggest tech success stories since the advent of the Web – Infonautics, Half.com and Ecount – has joined ListenLogic as its chief marketing officer.

Half.com, Ecount Veteran Joins ListenLogic Team

San Francisco Chronicle

November 27, 2012 – Mark Harrington joins ListenLogic executive team as CMO to drive marketing and strategy. ListenLogic, the leading provider of strategic business intelligence and big data analytics derived from social media chaos, announced the appointment of Mark Harrington to their executive team as Chief Marketing Officer. Previously, Harrington served on the management teams for both Ecount and Half.com, where he played instrumental roles in each organization’s landmark acquisition by Citi and eBay, respectively.

Big Social Data Analysis Predicts Epic Success for iPhone 5

Silicon Angle

August 3, 2012 – What wouldn’t you do for the iPhone 5? According to a recent ListenLogic study, customers are willing to sacrifice a lot, including clothes, cars and vacations, to make sure they can afford the new smartphone. ListenLogic used its own big-data stream platform (that claims to offer “performance well beyond Hadoop”) to analyze six million social media conversations concerning consumer intent to purchase the forthcoming iPhone 5.

Apple’s Next Financial Quarter Will Be ‘Epic’; 6 Million Consumer Social Conversations Reveal Strong, Rising iPhone 5 Demand

Digital Journal

August 2, 2012 – A new study by ListenLogic shows very strong consumer demand for the iPhone 5. The online conversations regarding the iPhone 5 have reached a rate of over 200,000 per day. Whether new-to-iPhone or an existing user, consumers discuss purchase intentions, share suggestions for upgrading, and provide their thoughts on the rumored new features. Analyzing last year’s pre-release conversations regarding the iPhone 4S against this year’s conversation regarding the iPhone 5, the online discussions reveal that intent to purchase increased by nearly 50% and within these conversations, brand is referenced with more frequency and importance than an single new feature or attribute.

Marking Social Media Listening Your Competitive Advantage

Digital Rx

To take advantage of social media inclusive of blogs, forums and health communities, pharmaceutical and healthcare marketers must quickly detect relevant signals and recognize patterns to deliver an optimized patient-level experience.

Social Media Speaks Out


Advances in the components of computing have enabled massive social media sites and application tools like Facebook and Google. It is the scale of these platforms that makes social networking interesting and economically viable, politically potent, and of great interest to businesses. As Cutter Fellow Steve Andriole and Cutter Senior Consultant Vincent Schiavone point out in their leadoff piece on social media, this new form of computing is powerful because of its massive reach and its massive volume of data and interactions. With social media now so globally pervasive, the authors pose a simple question: why wouldn’t a company invest in social media, especially in the analytics of social media? They deftly delve into the critical elements of a social media strategy, how companies ought to take advantage of this technology, and how the future of social media may unfold. Here in 2012, any company that thinks social media is a passing fancy or isn’t relevant to them simply hasn’t been paying attention.

Want to improve your social media reputation? Better learn to understand it first

Chain Store Age

In a new study, A.T. Kearney and ListenLogic have looked at the impact of social media on retail customer service. Our results suggest that most businesses have a long way to go before they can even understand their current social media presence — let alone understand how to use that information.

100 Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested

ABC News

New York City activists, angry at having been evicted from their encampment, began a “Day of Action” Thursday in an attempt to disrupt the New York Stock Exchange and transit in the city. Police arrested about 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters by mid-day for actions like obstructing traffic and resisting arrests, officials say.

‘Occupy’ Movement Threat Level Elevated to ‘High’ for November 5th Weekend

Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — The ListenLogic Social Listening Intelligence Center (SLIC) today elevated the ‘Occupy’ threat advisory level for large U.S. corporations to “High” for the upcoming November 5th weekend. Ongoing ListenLogic analysis of several million online posts has identified a significant increase in support for key Occupy events during the November 5th weekend, as well as increases in:

ListenLogic Visualizes Movement Through Social Media Data Mining

Technical.ly Philly

With the #OccupyPhilly protests on-going and continuing to spread elsewhere in the world, there is data to be crunched. ListenLogic, the Fort Washington social business intelligence firm, has done just that, including the infographic above and more on the chatter surrounding this social media-driven movement.

Occupy Wall Street: Darker Side Emerges

ABC News

What’s not to like about Occupy Wall Street? Plenty, say the movement’s critics. They accuse Occupiers of everything from poor hygiene to making threats of physical violence against corporate executives. They warn that the movement may be trying to foment a bank run and cyber-hack the New York Stock Exchange or some other bulwark of the establishment.

I Spy Occupy

Huffington Post

The threat level in the United States has been raised to yellow, but this time it’s not the Department of Homeland Security raising the alarm. It’s a private initiative that is monitoring the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations on behalf of corporations — called The Occupy Movement Corporate Threat Advisory.
A fusion of public relations vigilance, the latest search technology, and a dose of old-fashioned paranoia, the advisory is the creation of a private social media monitoring company called ListenLogic, that counts Fortune 500 companies and banks among its clients. According to its Occupy Threat Center, the company’s “Social Listening Intelligence Center (SLIC) is actively following Occupy in open social media and has issued a threat advisory to large U.S. corporations. The Threat Center is a comprehensive resource for up-to-date information on the movement.”

ListenLogic Offers Market Research Hybrid Solution

Social Media Explorer

ListenLogic is essentially a market research tool that has both a social media monitoring function with a rich layer of human analysis that makes the data it presents to marketers better than many other tools.

ListenLogic Debuts Reputation Management System


ListenLogic, a provider of Social Business Intelligence that helps brands manage reputation, engage with customers and drive innovation, announced the launch of Reputation Management System (RMS), a real-time intelligence technology and Integrated Social Intelligence Platform that is designed to offer help in identifying corporate reputation issues, drive social outreach, and manage communications.

ListenLogic Delivers Deep Insight to Corporate America

Philadelphia Inquirer

Fort Washington-based ListenLogic, backed by Ben Franklin Technology Partnerships, Paul Melchiorre, Steve Andriole, and other local investors, is a Philadelphia entry among the firms that collect and sorts Facebook, Twitter, blog and comment posts about US consumer companies

ListenLogic Takes Triage Approach to Social Media Comments

CRM Buyer

ListenLogic Social CRM “is an intelligent way to automatically categorize and prioritize the massive firehouse that is social media,” said company founder and CEO Mark Langsfeld. “We are not taking a sample but the whole thing — and then triaging it based on what the company wants.” ListenLogic has about 50 rules to help companies tailor the comments.

‘Occupy’ Movement Extends Beyond Wall Street


The ListenLogic Social Listening Intelligence Center (SLIC) today issued a threat advisory to large US corporations after identifying the heightened potential for violence and/or malicious cyber attacks.

Post While You Shop or Eat

CRM Magazine

Whether it’s shopping at an electronics retailer or eating at a fast food restaurant, more consumers are posting their opinions via mobile devices while they shop.

ListenLogic Offers Social CRM for Large Enterprises


For large enterprises tapping into the overwhelming flood of social chatter, ListenLogic claims its new Social CRM offering will deliver a filtered stream of the best sales leads and most important cases for customer service.

Users Post Social Media Comments When Shopping

One-quarter of customers share their experience in online conversations from smartphones while in the physical store, according to a recent study from ListenLogic. It analyzed thousands of mentions of retailers and restaurants for 10 national brands.

Tip of the Social Data Iceberg


Now that’s the spirit: During a six-week period this past holiday season, a single emailed Christmas gift guide promotion from Kirkland’s Inc. doubled recipients’ dollars per transaction over average performance in its 300 stores across 29 states. That added $8.7 million in incremental sales and $4.6 in incremental margin, while capturing 330,000 new email addresses–gold for the retailer, which stopped conventional direct mail. So what made the campaign such a winner for the Nashville-based home décor retail chain?

Packaging & Social Market Research

Food & Beverage Packaging

There’s no doubt that social media plays an important role as a tool for brand owners. It can also serve as two-way influencer: look at what happened to SunChips after the crinkly bags were panned widely and harshly at blogs and elsewhere in cyberspace as too loud. The negative online “chatter” contributed to Frito-Lay’s all but removing the environmentally friendly bags, made of 100% polylactic acid (PLA) from the market.

The ‘Why’ Behind the Buy

Quirk’s Market Research Media

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, officially kicking off the holiday shopping season. As many consumers scoured lots for parking spaces, waited in inconceivably long lines and clamored for the last X at the lowest price ever offered, onlookers – and perhaps even some shoppers – may have wondered: Why do we Americans put ourselves through the chaos year after year?