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Anexinet Acquires ListenLogic to Expand Digital Solutions Portfolio


Anexinet Corporation (“Anexinet”) today announced the acquisition of ListenLogic, LLC (“ListenLogic”), a leading provider of unstructured big data analytics, social intelligence, and real-time risk sensing to large enterprises…

The Social Evolution of Competitive Intelligence

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals Insight Journal

With billions upon billions of social discussions occurring daily, brands can now not only gain unprecedented insight into the market stance of own brands, but also gain deep understanding of their competitors often more so than the competitors understand themselves.

Social Disorders: Lessons From 2013’s Biggest Social #Fails


It’s been a banner year for social media failures, which are widely undiscriminating and damaging to their perpetrators. Social media’s evolving reach is enticing an increasing number of businesses and executives, however, even those who should be savvy with the medium are often getting bruised by lapses in judgment and lack of control.

Driving Innovation with Social Insights

Yahoo Business Advisor

Mining the attitudes, behaviors, trends and perspectives deep within the billions upon billions of daily social discussions provides unprecedented insight into an organization’s consumers, champions, critics and competitors.

Six Solutions to Monitor Customer Sentiment

Street Fight Magazine

As the sheer number of review websites, social networks, and message boards increase, consumers are finding more ways to share their opinions online. Business owners are finding new ways to take advantage of the situation, too.

The Dimensions of Detecting a Social Crisis


To achieve advance warning of risks and threats, corporations now require social intelligence as the backbone of their crisis management strategy. This is no different than the way military or intelligence organizations operate, knowledge is power and propagates effective response. With the variety of threats and perpetrators immediate detection and deep understanding of these threats is critical.

Empowering Executives with Social Intelligence

Yahoo Business Advisor

While most companies are using social media on a tactical marketing level and some are executing shallow reputation monitoring, very few are leveraging the advantages social business intelligence delivers to their boards and senior managers to set strategy.

Social Threat Protection Critical for the Health Industry

HealthWorks Collective

An increasing number of pharmaceutical and health organizations are also realizing, often through their own experiences of crisis, that a myriad of threats are emerging from social media, squarely targeting their brands. Immediate real-time detection of these growing risks and threats are quickly becoming a crucial component to protecting reputations and revenues.

The Evolution of Sentiment into Actionable Insight

Social Media Today

As technology has advanced, allowing companies to get broader and deeper into social data, it has facilitated the evolution of sentiment to a dimension of specificity to help brands gain detailed understanding of the specific aspects and features that drive consumer sentiment, demand, decisions and ultimately purchases.

Enterprise Social Risk Goes Way Beyond Tweeting Blunders

Corporate Compliance Insights

With corporate social media missteps all the rage lately, the risk of social media has largely been trivialized by a focus on overzealous postings by apathetic, under-trained or disgruntled managers of social media. Ultimately, with some basic discipline and checks, these risks are within the control of the enterprise and easily avoided.

Chobani Gets Lesson in the Power of Social Media

The Wall Street Journal

Our social intelligence report, commissioned by The Wall Street Journal, on Chobani’s mold crisis, reveals a series of critical enterprise social risk lessons from several social missteps by the yogurt provider.

Enterprise Social Risk Needs a C-Suite Champion


As the threats emerging from social media expand in type, frequency and complexity, the proverbial heads of many corporations are spinning as nearly every office across the C-suite experiences serious repercussions from these growing risks. To take on social risk head on, corporations need not just an owner, but also a single-point champion.

The Most Offensive Employee Tweets Ever?

American Express Open Forum

Our CSO, Mark Langsfeld shares his perspective on Business Insider firing their CTO for offensive tweets and why corporations need to take enterprise social risk protection seriously.

Social Media: Boon to Business or Compliance Death Trap?

Inside Counsel

There are a number of ways that companies can fail at social media, often because social media strategies are not vetted by general counsel or other high-level decision makers. Many of the biggest social media gaffes of recent vintage are outlined in a new book by social media monitoring company ListenLogic.

How Marketers Extract Value From Big Social Data


Companies now have an invaluable, perpetual resource available to them within the big data of social media, which is made up of billions of daily comments by hundreds of millions of consumers across tens of millions of sources spanning the open social universe.

Executive Gaffes, Amplified

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal’s Morning Risk Report cites ListenLogic’s Avoiding #FAIL book as impressive resource for executives to understand the social dimension of enterprise risk with over 100 social threat case studies with brands like Apple, ESPN, Google, LinkedIn, Starbucks, Southwest, Target and Yahoo.

Social Media Monitoring vs. Social Intelligence

Social Business News

Just as there are different levels of listening to human conversations, listening to social media discussions has a wide array of levels that deliver dramatically different results. These different levels offer different levels of insight, challenges and value to the organization. The strategic value and timeliness of the intelligence, and more importantly, the actionability of it to set strategy, make decisions and drive innovation largely determine this value.

Why the “Social CEO” Debate is All Wrong

Social Media Today

Our CMO, Mark Harrington lays out why executives need to focus on understanding the insights and threats from social media, not on whether they should be posting and tweeting on social media.

How Life Sciences Are Finally Understanding Patients

HealthWorks Collective

Health and pharmaceutical companies are now beginning to dramatically enhance the treatments and care they deliver to patients by understanding their decisions, concerns, fears, attitudes, behaviors, actions and challenges – through analysis of millions of daily patient conversations via open online channels and social networks.

How Marketers Are Finally Getting to Know Their Customers

Direct Marketing News

Marketing teams no longer have the luxury to consider their digital and social campaigns as a supplement to traditional mass marketing. Rather, given the shift of consumers to mobile technology and social engagement, marketers now need to lead with digital and drive with deep social intelligence.

The Growing Impact of Social Intelligence on Retail


Today the next generation of social listening has evolved into social intelligence through the use of advanced big data processing and complex concept modeling to deliver deep, powerful, and most importantly, actionable, views of markets, brands, shoppers, consumers and competitors.

June 25, 2013 – ListenLogic’s Chief Strategy Officer, Mark Langsfeld, talks about the ins and outs of social intelligence, the limitations of “buzz” and advantages it provides to leading corporations in this interview with the International Journal Of Competitive Intelligence and Business Strategy.

New Book Helps Companies Avoid Social Media Failures

Business Insider

June 24, 2013 – In the Internet era, when a company screws up it may face backlash by millions of people around the world. Stephen Andriole, professor at Villanova School of Business, and his co-authors at ListenLogic, a social media monitoring and research company, looked at 100 of the worst cases in their upcoming book Avoiding #FAIL.

How Social Intelligence is Revolutionizing Market Research


June 20, 2013 – The impact of this emerging digital ethnography market research methodology provides Marketing, Product and Brand a window into the specific interests, needs, attitudes and actions of shoppers and consumers to deliver greater value and develop stronger relationships.

Learning A Lesson From Patient Advocates


May 25, 2013 – ListenLogic CSO, Mark Langsfeld, is featured in this piece discussing how advanced social intelligence is transforming the pharmaceutical industry and their ability to understand patient needs to innovate and enhance the care delivered to them.

Enterprise Social Risk Demands Advanced Strategic Protection


May 22, 2013 – Today, major corporations across a wide array of industries like food and beverage, media, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals are using advanced social threat detection to identify a wide variety of daily threats to their operations and organizations in real-time.

Five Reasons Corporations Need Advanced Social Intelligence

Yahoo Business Advisor

Unlocking True Patient Understanding

HealthWorks Collective

April 2, 2013 – ListenLogic’s CSO Mark Langsfeld explains in this HealthWorks feature article how advanced social intelligence is unlocking true patient understanding for pharmaceutical companies to deliver better patient care.

How Advanced Social Intelligence is Transforming Healthcare

HealthWorks Collective

March 5, 2013 – Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Mark Langsfeld, is featured in this HealthWorks exclusive reviewing how the advanced social intelligence ListenLogic delivers to health and pharmaceutical companies is providing deeper patient understanding that enhances healthcare delivery.

ListenLogic Co-Founder Presents Big Social Data’s Impact on Health


February 5, 2013 – ListenLogic Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Mark Langsfeld, recently presented ListenLogic’s advanced social business intelligence solutions at The Pharma Market Research Conference.

Want to improve your social media reputation? Better learn to understand it first

Chain Store Age

In a new study, A.T. Kearney and ListenLogic have looked at the impact of social media on retail customer service. Our results suggest that most businesses have a long way to go before they can even understand their current social media presence — let alone understand how to use that information.