ListenLogic Involved Viewer Ratings™

Involved Viewer Ratings™ help brands, agencies and media companies gain insight into how audiences respond to TV shows and ads.   Our ratings index correlates social media engagement with a show’s audience size and demographic information to determine a show’s relative viewer involvement.

With over 70 million smartphone users in the US and nearly 80% of US online consumers regularly engaging in social media, viewers are now interacting with TV programming concurrently as they watch. Recent research shows that 86% of smartphone users are accessing their device while watching television shows.  ListenLogic’s Involved Viewer Ratings™ tap into these and other types of social media conversations to identify unsolicited comments about TV shows and ads and provide a more robust measurement of audience involvement.

Involved Viewer Ratings™ are coupled with detailed analysis of consumer viewing behavior.  Which members are watching which shows?  And which ads are they talking about?  This depth of knowledge allows clients to optimize their TV media spend, hone creative, and target their audiences with greater precision.

ListenLogic uses proprietary technology and methodologies to measure the unsolicited social media engagement of each show at airing and for the next 24 hours to capture DVR and on demand usage.

Involved Viewer Ratings™ help:

  • Find and buy shows with high viewer involvement
  • Understand the most engaged viewing audiences
  • Gain an edge in negotiations around buys
  • Understand how viewers respond to ads

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