ListenLogic Social Listening Intelligence Center

ListenLogic’s Social Listening Intelligence Center

Real-Time Corporate Social Risk & Reputation Protection

A wide array of corporate risks can quickly emerge from open social sources to threaten your business. It’s all too common for large corporations to be the last to know when a critical issue related to their brand is spreading virally online. That’s why the world’s largest corporations rely on ListenLogic Risk & Reputation Intelligence to actively monitor millions of open social sources in real-time to stay ahead of crisis and protect their brand’s reputation.

ListenLogic Risk & Reputation Intelligence is a full-service solution that listens to all forms of mainstream news, social networks, blogs, microblogs, message boards, forums and multimedia platforms to automatically identify, analyze and escalate critical reputation issues to key stakeholders across the enterprise. ListenLogic’s Social Listening Intelligence Center (SLIC) is continuously operated by real-time intelligence analysts and leverages our proprietary social ‘big data’ intelligence technology that continuously collects billions of pieces of information and identifies and categorizes corporate risk issues in real-time. Alert notifications are prepared by ListenLogic analysts and immediately delivered to Executive Management, Corporate Communications, Risk, Legal and Public Relations teams.

ListenLogic Social Listening Intelligence Center (SLIC)

ListenLogic Social Listening Intelligence Center (SLIC) addresses the real-time needs of Executive, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, Human Resources, Consumer & Public Affairs, Marketing, Risk and Security stakeholders to manage risk by monitoring all forms of public communications in online and social media. This real-time, end-to-end solution automatically monitors for broad and specific business issues, including:

  • Executive reputation and safety
  • Facility and technology security
  • Corporate and brand reputation
  • Financial reputation and investor relations
  • Influencer and activist tracking
  • Corporate and product issues
  • Labor issues and employee misconduct
  • Corporate regulatory and compliance issues
  • Legal matters
  • Competitive intelligence

Real-Time Risk Tracking, Mapping and Alerts

Social Media Command CenterListenLogic Risk & Corporate Reputation Monitoring offers:

  • Detection of threats, crises, legal, HR, consumer and service issues
  • Tracking and reporting of established risks
  • Identification and alerting of emerging threats
  • Comprehensive issue tracking
  • Escalation of outreach opportunities to PR, Marketing and Customer Service
  • Real-Time alerts, daily and weekly intelligence summaries
  • Available in 13 languages with global coverage